These Sales Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and orders to Oenolab Diagnostics for the sale and delivery of Oenolab Diagnostics products worldwide except for France. Products supplied by Oenolab Diagnostics are general laboratory consumables, instruments and chemicals. Orders from private individuals shall not be accepted by Oenolab Diagnostics.

Usage of the goods

The products we are offering are exclusively made for laboratory use, and their usage is reserved for professional purposes only. Oenolab Diagnostics cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products. 

Price list

Prices are EXW Hendaye 64700 France.

Minimum order value

There are no minimum orders.

Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed, advance payment is required for all orders.

Quotation requests and purchase order

We will only accept Quotation requests and Purchase Orders when dated and confirmed in writing, and including at least all of the below mentioned: 

– Order number

 – Oenolab Diagnostics Product codes/references

 – Quantities 

– Invoicing and delivery details

Purchase Orders will be answered with a Proforma Invoice. Written approval of the Proforma Invoice is required in order to consider the Purchase Order as confirmed.    

Order cancellation

We will charge 60 € for orders modification.

Broken, missing or non-accepted products at goods reception

We accept during 15 days aftter goods delivery any discrepancy regarding broken, missing or non-accepted products. Kindly contact our Customer Service with the maximum information when submitting your request. 

Return of the goods

Return of goods requires our expressive and written consent. Returned goods, when accepted, must be packaged correctly and safely in their original packaging and labeling. Failing to comply with the above mentioned will imply non-acceptance of the return. In the case of chemical products, Oenolab Diagnostics accepts the return of the product only if the containers have not been unsealed. If a container has been open, returns are accepted only if there are justified discrepancies between the specifications in the catalogue and /or the products label and the measured specifications. In these situations, our Quality Department will study the case, and based on technical conclusions, the return will be either approved or rejected