Oenolab Diagnostics is a French company based in Hendaye.

Our company was founded in 2009 by Ana and Simon Zappa, biochemical engineer and oenologist respectively.

Since then, we have continued to grow to the point of becoming one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of enzymatic and colorimetric assay kits for wine laboratories and more widely for laboratories in the food industry.


Customer satisfaction

We want to enable our customers to achieve their objectives by providing reliable, durable solutions with the best quality/price ratio.

Focused on the long term

Our Ambition is to become a benchmark company and to do this, we are committed to:
> continually improve our products.
> understand and respond to the needs of our customers.
> reinforce the standards of our after-sales service to guarantee professional and efficient services.


Enzymatic and colorimetric kits

We are a manufacturer of enzymatic and colorimetric kits. They are distributed by a network of authorised distributors in France and all over the world.

We can provide reagents in bulk containers which can lately be packaged or bottled for professional and industrial operators.

We can also create product lines upon request, bearing the customer’s brand and logo.

Automatic analyzers

We are more than a distributor because we offer a complete service with installation, training, maintenance and repair of your analyzers.

Laboratory equipment and reagents

We design, manufacture and distribute analysis devices and measuring instruments dedicated to wine analysis.

We are also distributor of laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents.